My name is Hilde Purdy, I founded Feed My Lambs Street Mission (FMLSM) in 2007. Initially I funded this Mission on my own for one and a half years.

I am still funding a large part of the Mission due to the fact that the Mission is still not self-sufficient.

What started out as a Mission guided by God to help those who were totally incapable of looking after themselves, (the people who could not get into other Missions due to addictions and mental illness), we quickly grew into a much needed gap filler.

We now serve 400 – 500 meals right on the street to large crowds of people who we have befriended and who rely on us. Not all of them are homeless, some of them live in Rooming houses or small places, not fit for human habitation.

We serve them after our opening prayers and with the assurance that God loves them. This meal is served every Wednesday evening on Henry Street between Siloam and UGM. Right on the street.

We used to serve three times a week, but as our group grew, my personal finances could not support the Mission anymore and the donations we received were not supporting this many meals, and we cut back to one meal a week. The menu always includes meat, starch, vegetables, sandwiches and some kind of dessert.

We also run a mobile food bank into North and South Point Douglas, were we look after large families and Norquay Community Center first, to ensure that those children at home, as well as the Children who are being fed by Rita at the Community Center, always have food. We also look after anyone else who is in need in that area.

We drop off at Eaglewing Daycare in North Point Douglas.

We accept calls for Emergency hampers throughout the City. These calls generally come from people who have just left a treatment center and are not yet established. Tamarack is one of those centers and they suggest to those in need that they call us.

We extend our help to the Health Sciences Emergency Social Services. They call us when they have a patient, who is ready to be released, but has no food or food service in place yet. We take a hamper with breakfast, lunch and supper items to them that will last for a week. This give the other Services time to set up a program for them.

We run a foodbank at a low-income Seniors Complex. ( This is now being looked after entirely by my friend Gail)

As you can see, we fill a lot of gaps in our Social System, this is why we are called a Bridge.

We are very fortunate to have a association with Winnipeg Harvest. They are without a doubt one of the most amazing Organizations I have ever had the good fortune to be working with.

We are in great need of funding for a large Vehicle, Wages for someone to run this Mission, as well as someone who could do all the administrations and assist the Manager. This is why we applied for Charitable Status, however, my fear is that before we ever get that charity number, our funds will have run out and this
Mission will fold.

Having said that, I need to also say very strongly, that up until now, God has always provided everything we need to continue with our work and I firmly believe that he will continue doing so.

With blessings
Hilde Purdy