About Us

Feed My Lambs Street Mission delivers food to the homeless right where they are on the street; operates Mobile Food Banks to the poorer inner city Neighbourhoods and to senior shut-ins, especially in the North and South Point Douglas area; and more.

In October 2007 founder Hilde Purdy observed many instances of human beings falling through the cracks of society & unable to access Mission Services. She saw a need of hot food for these marginalized people on the streets who for whatever reason do not have a place to stay. Hilde began to prepare hot food and sandwiches to serve to these people right where they were, on the street. What started as 50 sandwiches being served from the back of Hilde’s van quickly escalated to over 180 sandwiches as demand grew. The need was greater than she had thought. Feed My Lambs now serves quality hot meals for 250 plus every Wednesday evening at 6 pm, right on the street out of the back of Hilde’s van, 52 weeks a year..

As the Word of Hilde’s work spread, other individuals and groups became inspired to help. Hilde has built a network of wonderful people who donate to Hilde from their abundance of food. Hilde is ready at a moments notice to jump into the Feed My Lambs van and do a pick-up of fresh produce or whatever the abundance is for that day.

Feed My Lambs has grown so much since that cold day in October 2007. There are not enough hours in the day for Hilde to get to all the pick-ups of the abundant food. No is not in Hilde’s vocabulary when offered food as she knows how many people need & appreciate it.